Dog Control

Dog Control Officer – Stephen Donaghy

Phone – (315) 454-0928


On January 1st of 2018, the switch in Dog Control will be turned over to the CNYASPCA.  The dog control is just for dogs.  Cats and wildlife will not be handled by the CNYASPCA.

The process for redemption will remain the same, the dog will need proof of current license in Tully before being redeemed.  If the dog does not have a license then they will need to obtain one with the town clerk before the dog will be released.  If the dog does not have proof of rabies for their license then we are able to give a dog this when we have a veterinarian present, this is typlically 1-3 days per week that we do have one.

(315) 454-0928

This is the number to call if they have found/seen a dog running at large that needs to be picked up.  Mark Kulak is the DCO and is excellent about returning phone calls when he is in the office and they need only leave one message.  If he is out on PTO then we do have one of our cruelty officers cover for him.

(315) 454-4479 option 0

This will be for anyone looking to reclaim a lost dog of theirs that would like instructions on how to do so or any redemption questions that might have.  This number will bring you directly to our operator who will return the call if they do not answer.