Justice Court

Court is held Tuesday evenings at 6:00PM

(unless otherwise notified)

There is no court on the 5th Tuesday of the month.
Vehicle & Traffic Infractions may plea by mail.  See below for more information.
If you have a Vehicle & Traffic Misdemeanor, please call the court office to confirm the court date/time.
The Court Office is closed on all Federal Holidays.

  Justice Court Street Location


Tully Town Hall, 5833 Meetinghouse Rd. Tully, NY 13159

Mailing Address

Town of Tully Justice Court PO Box 126 Tully, NY 13159

Office Hours

M-Th 9:00am-1:00pm Telephone: (315) 696-5884 Fax: (315) 671-2832

Payments are taken M-Th 9:15am – 12:30pm

A 2.99% service fee will be assessed when paying by credit card through the Court Office. Please note neither the municipality of Tully nor Tully Town Court receives any portion of the service fee.


The Court has received an accusatory instrument from Law Enforcement alleging you have committed an offense.  You are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  You have the right to retain an attorney now or at any stage in the course of these proceedings.  You are required to answer the ticket to prevent suspension of your license or a default judgment against you.

You may choose to proceed in any of the following manners:

PLEAD GUILTY AS CHARGED:  By pleading "Guilty" you waive your right to a trial and accept responsibility of the sentencing of the presiding Judge for the penalties of the charge.  You may withdraw your plea of guilty at any time prior to sentencing and exercise your right to trial. **The court does not have the authority to reduce points associated with a guilty plea. It is the responsibility of the driver to be aware of the points penalty.  This information can be found on the DMV website.**

PLEAD NOT GUILTY AND REQUEST A TRIAL:  By pleading "Not Guilty" you exercise your right to a public trial at which the prosecution for the People of the State of New York must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have committed the alleged offense.  After hearing all the evidence submitted at trial, the court will render an appropriate verdict.  You must contact the court office to schedule a trial.

PLEAD NOT GUILTY AND SEEK A REDUCTION:  Please send your "Not Guilty" plea to the Court for an adjournment date to allow time for you to communicate with the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office concerning an alternative disposition.  The People of the State of New York are represented by the prosecution, and are responsible for proving the charge or charges against you.  More information on how to proceed will be sent to you or you may click on the link Onondaga County DA Traffic Instructions.