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Disposal, LLC

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At Dependable, we believe in providing quality service and cleanliness, and we use environmentally sound operations and the latest technology in order to do so. Our system frees the outside of your home from the clutter of garbage cans, bins and other unnecessary trash containers. It also frees you from dragging all of these to the curb on a weekly basis.

What it all boils down to: Hassle-free, environmentally conscious trash removal tailored to your needs. Now there’s a novel idea. Learn more about us »

OCRRA has a New System for Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off!!!!  Previously, OCRRA offered multiple collection events at the Ley Creek Drop-Off Site each year.  Now, they have worked out a system to provide not 2 or 3 drop-off days, but 260 days a year to drop off toxic materials.  Please visit their website, www.OCRRA.orgfor more information.